Do you see what is hidden between the lines? Is it an alien? A gnome perhaps? Or do you see a fish swimming in the waves? In these drawing lessons it is not about how well you can draw. No, we are going to have fun with paper, crayons and drawing chalk. We are going on a discovery, with different colours and shapes. We are going to use our imagination.  Did you think you could only make a drawing on you own? Then get ready for a suprise: you will find out that you can make a drawing together with your best friend, or even with the whole groupe! A joint result.

Do you want to find out what is alphabet soup? Do you want to look for little creatures hidden between the lines? Do you want to discover how you can use just a few lines to create a duck or or a sheep? Do you want to find out that even doodling can result in a funny drawing?

Curious yet? Then join these drawing lessons. The only thing you need is enthusiasm and imagination. I’m looking forward to see you on this journey of discovery!

  • Soort: creatief
  • Doelgroep: 4 - 7 years
  • Data: Tuesdays; Oct. 26 Nov. Dec. 7.
  • Tijd: 15.15-16.15 ( plus 15 min eerder ivm ophalen kinderen)
  • Locatie: Class room ISUtrecht

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