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I have always had a love for art and as a result I have a degree in architecture and interior design. I like to share my hobbies of pottery, drawing, painting. Having moved from country to country several times, I see art as a universal language, which can be interpreted or understood in countless ways. I have experience with both arts & crafts and teaching. I enjoy teaching children because I get inspiration from their creative mind. I speak 4 languages ​​(Russian, Hebrew, English and a little Dutch) with English being my primary/teaching language.

Come, enjoy art with me.

  • Soort: creatief
  • Doelgroep: Groep 1, Groep 2, Groep 3
  • Data: Tuesdays; Oct. 26 Nov. Dec. 7.
  • Tijd: 15.15-16.15 ( plus 15 min eerder ivm ophalen kinderen)
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