Groep 8 t/m 12 jaar – Engineering


The engineering teacher will present a number of projects from the Book of engineering. The choice is yours. Everyone will work on their own project matching their age. You will have your own step-by-step plan, meant to look ahead and to promote independence. “Make it yourself” is paramount!

Enrich your project with your own imagination of creativity.


There are different projects;

For example making a movable workpiece, or a circuit workpiece, or how to make a cart move with air. The workpieces may of course be taken home!


  • Target audience: Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, Group 8
  • Data: donderdag vanaf week 41 (17 weken) t/m week 8
  • Time: 14.45-15.45 ( plus 15 min eerder ivm ophalen kinderen)
  • Location: Creative room at BSO Anne Frank/ISU

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