Stepping Stones

After School Activities

How does this work?

The ASA are accessible for all children part of the KBS Stepping Stones or BSO Stepping Stones. They take place in the school or the BSO itself, or the gym, and are facilitated by adept teachers. The activities are offered in blocks lasting several weeks and will be closed with a play, presentation, or open class in which parents are warmly welcome to attend. It is only possible to attend a whole course (block), participating in separate classes is not possible.

Registering is done digitally on In case this does not work for any reason, then you can register online by making use of a computer at school.
All confirmed children will receive a confirmation message. Children that unfortunately cannot be placed, will be placed on a waiting list that will give them priority the next time. They will also receive a message. Payment is done through IDEAL on the digital form.

Children already going to the BSO

Is your child already going to the BSO on the course day? Then you will receive 30% discount on the registration fee. Your child will be supervised to the activities by a BSO teacher in case of relocation school-BSO.

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Showing all 3 results